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A PIE is a thing of pure joy, a Great British classic, a bit of our cultural DNA. Even just the word “PIE” puts smiles on faces.

At Pie Eyed we take everything thats great about a pie, and make it the best it possibly can be. We use fantastic local suppliers for our meat, vegetables, and dairy products. We exercise great care and attention whilst cooking our pies in small batches to ensure quality. They’re a Proper Pies.

We began back in late 2014 when pies were being developed, the horse box was still a horse box, and months were spent begging organisers to let us into their event.

Since then, armed with a full array of our proper pies, we have attended a plethora of fantastic pop ups, street food events, festivals and weddings. Never forgetting a trusty bottle of Henderson’s Relish or two, our horse box has racked up the miles. We now have a regular spot to call our own as every Thursday we take our pies to Union St’s Pop Up Cafe in Sheffield City Centre. Also, as of late 2016, our pies can also be found in The Cadeby Inn, Doncaster, every Tuesday evening.

We do take care to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible, with packaging fully recyclable and kept to a minimum, cool boxes used at events and products and ingredients responsibility sourced. We’re based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, but are willing to travel! Our kitchen is 30 seconds off the M1, handy hey?

So, if you’re having a party, a festival, or lucky enough to be looking at wedding catering, get in touch about what we can do for you!